Studying Soundly


While scrolling through my Tumblr, I came across this photo of what I declare the perfect studying area. The soft lighting, clean color palette, and easy access to everything makes it comfortable, inspiring and just absolutely gorgeous. I’m in love. And when I return from Georgetown University in December, I’m definitely decorating my desk and headboard with these fairy lights (tea lights in America?) to create the same feel. Knowing me I might end up decorating my entire apartment with these – hopefully my probable future roommate for graduate school (hello there A.C.S.) won’t mind if we go crazy with them!


Another study space I’m obsessed with? This one above. The light, the table, the feel of it all – I only wish I had such an inspiring space to work in during finals week (not that a cold bench right next to the library cafe isn’t…inspiring). Natural lighting is also on my list for a study space next year!

Stay purring…


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