Doing the District


I might have been a little ambitious in December when I planned to not only double major this semester, but complete one major in a little under a year (22 credits anyone?), apply to half a dozen federal agency internships, navigate my path to achieving my future goals, pull off recruitment for my sorority and subsequently take on the risk management chair position, and continue my current internship.

So, what’s been getting me through it all? The fact that in six weeks, I’ll be making my much anticipated and overly excitable move to Washington D.C. to finally have the opportunity to study Criminal Justice and intern in the city until December! Since I’m relatively new to the area I’m currently compiling a list of places to visit, restaurants to eat at and shops to, well, go nuts in! Here is my selection so far of what to do to make this the best visit ever (and if you have any further suggestions, definitely leave a comment!):


– The Crime and Punishment Museum (again!)

– Old Town Alexandria (I’m a huge sucker for all places quaint and historic)

– Georgetown Running Route

– The Washington Monument at night (I went over Winter Break and it was the eeriest feeling but gave me a lot of inspiration for a piece of writing I’m currently working on)

– The Capitol Steps at the Ronald Reagan Building (went over break, loved it, definitely going again in the summertime)


– Founding Farmers (again! Their dark and stormies? Amazing!)

– Capital Grille

– Sonoma Restaurant & Wine Bar

– Perrys Restaurant (for all sushi lovers apparently)

– The Globe & Laurel (located in Quantico, VA, however, but my friend says the drive is totally worth it)

– Paul Bakery and Cafe (I grew up going for lunch here while in England – the baguette sandwiches are amazing and the extra-large macaroons are totally worth it, along with a nice rich hot chocolate)

– District Kitchen


– All of Georgetown’s main street (does that count as one entity?)

– Dupont Circle (because everyone needs a trip to Burberry once in a while!)

Am I missing anything else? I’m excited to see what all you kittens love to do in the district!

Stay purring…


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