Jo Malone Sugar & Spice


The other day while browsing through Saks Fifth Avenue, I’m pretty sure I had what I deem similar to a petite heart attack. Jo Malone’s new (limited-edition unfortunately) spring collection is aptly named Sugar & Spice and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. And it’s about time too! Was anyone else feeling like these past fall collections were lacking? Thankfully, I’ve been darting to and fro throughout my favorite stores declaring that I need everything, which has been merciful to my dry, dark closet.


Anyway, be sure to check out the Sugar & Spice collection – Bitter Orange & Chocolate is my current fave (then again, I’m a huge chocolate fan since my newest perfume – and permanent scent I finally decided! – is the company’s Blue Agave  & Cacao cologne) but if you’re looking for a sweeter, lighter scent then definitely look for the Elderflower & Gooseberry or Lemon Tart. They’re $60 for one and only available in the (sadly) small sizes so hurry, hurry, hurry on your spiked Manolo pumps over to Saks, Neimans or, for those of you feeling appropriately sluggish, pour yourself a chilled glass of vino, settle down in bed, and order them online. Madame CC (that’s Mrs. Credit Card for everyone) is going to get quite a workout in the next few weeks I imagine…especially following my wonderful and relaxing jet to the Bahamas where I was able to break out a few key pieces for my new spring wardrobe (Joie ice blue linen shorts anyone?)!

Stay purring..

(and yes, I’m back).


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