Looking to the Future


{an amazing shot of skydivers that always inspires me to take chances}

Recently I have been feeling like I am not myself. It’s a hard feeling to explain and even trickier to overcome. Perhaps it’s the violence that has shaken our nation in recent weeks, or perhaps this is the emotional aftermath following Christmas that I always seem to forget each year. Perhaps I am missing all that 2012 had to bring (I met the most amazing people at my internship). Whatever it is, it has not stopped me from looking forward to the future. I know I never keep resolutions made in the New Year (or if I do, they have dissipated by about April) so instead of making total life overhauls starting January 1st, I’m starting now. Right this second. And there’s no deadline, it can take me a few weeks or it can take me all year or even three years.

I pledge to be mentally sound and to treat those around me with love and admiration.

I pledge to move that much closer to achieving my dreams.

I pledge to overcome the need to put things off and instead take care of things right as they come.

I pledge to be happier.

This last one seems pretty simple, just don’t let things get to you, right? Wrong. It wasn’t until my best friend told me “you’re the one stopping yourself from being happy,” a few months ago that I suddenly realized she was right. And it has been on my mind probably every day since that moment and I really do think I’ve been a happier person overall.

Be excited for what 2013 will bring. Maybe you’ll make a new friend. Maybe a new romance will bloom. Maybe you’ll finally get that job you were working for. Maybe you’ll embark on a new adventure. Whatever it is, get excited. Because this is your time. Make 2013 your year. Tell your family and friends that you love them. I am already looking forward to a ski trip to Sun Valley, a road trip to Louisiana, a move to Washington D.C., another major to declare and a future to grab hold of.

So, like I said, make 2013 your year. You won’t regret it.

Stay purring…


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