Full Body Workout Guide


I’d like to say that today has been a productive day (considering it’s Winter Break) and in keeping with my recent fitness posts, I decided to make my day even more productive by going to the gym for a few hours later. Bookmark this post because I’m going to give you a full body workout guide for every area of your figure you may want to work on or any kind of workout you may want. Voila and enjoy!


Cardio core 20 minute workout

Most effective 20 minute workout – Tabata Style

High intensity fat burning cardio training

Full body circuit boot camp training

Zuzka Light – ZWOD #1

Pop sculpt total body workout

Model Workout #1

Walking cardio shape-up!

The Thanksgiving BIG BURN workout

Bootcamp calorie burn by ExerciseTV

Fitness Super Sweat workout

Victoria’s Secret Model Workout

Bikini Blaster HIIT IT HARD #1


Abs & Love Handles workout

Tabata Style abs 4-minute workout

Sunkissed Abs – tone it up!

6 minutes abs of steel workout

25 minutes abs & obliques workout

Reduce the tummy

Lose belly fat in 1 week

HIIT Workout for Abs & Obliques

Insane abs in 5 minutes

Fat blasting flat stomach routine

Pumped Up Sexy Abs Workout


MaliBooty Workout

Hot Booty Firm Up

POP Pilates butt blaster

Brazilian butt workout

Quick butt workout

Lululemon Love Your Butt 

Best glutes exercises


How to get skinny legs

Thinner thighs and legs workout

Slim & tone

Pumped Up Kicks Workout

POP Pilates Squat Challenge (my favorite since it’s an excuse to listen to Call Me Maybe)

Tone it up THIGHS workout

10 minute ballerina legs workout

Love Your Legs Workout


Awesomesauce Arms

Lean, Toned & Strong Arms #2 

Upper body pulse workout


.50 Caliber Arms workouts (also a fave)

Toned Triceps Challenge


20 minute yoga class for complete beginners

Yoga for weight-loss evening & morning routine 

Yoga for strong, slim legs

Hatha Yoga Flow Full 55 minute class

Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Ab workout

Yoga Morning Routine

Hot Yoga Challenge

Stay purring..


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