Two Down, Three to Go

photo 2

Just like I anticipated last week, finals week has been a little insane. Monday was the end to my Creative Writing class where I was finally able to turn in a portfolio as thick as a brick. Tuesday marked the end of my Philosophy class where we had to make a six-minute-long video on the meaning of life (I kid you not) and now Wednesday brings a tedious day of studying in Barnes & Noble for my political science exam (I’m a Poly Sci minor), my Quantitative Reasoning final, and my Politics, Media and Satire final. Much like I promised last week as well, I’ve already downed three cups of coconut-orange green tea and have not even looked at my “real people clothes” closet  because Lululemon has not been off my body since Saturday. On the bright side, I have yet to go through my entire collection of law enforcement shirts, which may or may not be a good thing.

photo 1-2

{International Politics anyone?}

photo 3

{Premiere Pro + a straight 34 hours in the library + a side of “I’m totally going to kill myself = one hell of a video that I – ironically – had so much fun working on}

If you’re in my position and going out of your mind from lack of sleep and food (I’ve watched the sun come up from my position in the library too many times this week and it’s only Wednesday), do yourself a favor and ease the tension with a few great study playlists I sourced from 8tracks. These are some of my absolute favorite lists that are 1) great to study to 2) fun and Christmasy 3) relaxing.

Hit the books

Balsam & Cedar

A Warm Indie Christmas

Keep Studying

Dreamzzz (my favorite to fall asleep to)

A Very Indie Winter

photo 4-1

{In addition to finals, I’ve evidently had a lot of fun at my police internship, thanks to my favorite officers S.D and M.VanK}

For everyone at my college, stay strong – the reign of terror ends in two days!

Stay purring..


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