Chanel Christmas 2012/13

I believe we’re all aware of my addiction to Chanel makeup and I had the pleasant surprise of walking into Saks 5th Ave on Saturday and discovering the new holiday collection was out. You can imagine my joy. I fell in love with the raspberry-purple eyeshadow that is one part glamorous and two parts perfect for upcoming wintery Christmas events (and the shadows are shaped like Chanel’s classic buttons! Too cute!). Then again, I live in a climate that doesn’t know the meaning of the word chilly so I’m not sure how wintery my Christmas will be this year. Sigh. I also scored a preview of Chanel’s new volume mascara that will be debuting soon – kittens, let me tell you: if you want lashes the size of Jupiter, scoot your Loubs on over to the nearest Chanel boutique or department store when it comes out. You will definitely not be sorry.

Stay purring..


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