Four Different Ways to Wear Leather Pants

{Belt Detail Ankle boots by Burberry}

The Alice & Olivia leather leggings that I mentioned in an earlier post finally came in! And like the chic scientist I am (not), I decided to conduct a small experiment: how many different ways could I wear them that would give me a totally fresh look? My constant variable was my leggings and my changing variable was a few pairs of my shoes. My conclusion: You need these pants. You just do. Don’t argue about the price, don’t argue that you don’t need them. Eat ramen noodles for the rest of your life if you must.

They’re so fabulous that my equally chic scientist roommate, C.F., might need to peel them off my body in the next few days.

{one part chic and edgy, two parts tough – a major hit with me since my not-so-secret career dream involves becoming a federal agent.}

{New England meets New York – shirt by St. James; loafers by Brunello Cucinelli}

{mix & match – paired with Brunello Cucinelli Desert Booties in aqua and sand}

{upscale chic – crocodile ballet flats by Manolo Blahnik}

{this look was probably my favorite since I’m a huge fan of dressing up for absolutely no reason. I would definitely wear this combination of leather and crocodile to class, paired with a loose white blouse or black cashmere sweater.}

Stay purring..


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