Jo Malone


I am forever wishing that I could be that woman who sticks to one signature scent. Unfortunately, after declaring my very public love for Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom scent, I discovered Blackberry & Bay: a.k.a. my new favorite. I’m an English girl by heart and trying this scent brought me back to days spent in the countryside, donning my Barbour jacket and Hunter wellies and taking long walks through huge fields and going pheasant hunting. 

I am a huge fan of advertisements – let’s face it, I’m a media studies major – and so I searched for the corresponding ad for Blackberry & Bay. Fortunately, I came across a whole slew of other Jo Malone advertisements that caught my eye. Here are a few of my absolute favorite!


Stay purring…


One thought on “Jo Malone

  1. orange blossom always give me a memory of ‘london summer breeze’ while walking along bond street.

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