Chanel’s Fashion Night Out Polishes



 When Peter Philips (Chanel’s creative director of makeup) debuted three new limited-edition fall polishes at Vogue’s Fashion Night Out, I decided these were going to be my exclusive colors for the new season. The polishes were dispensed from chic Chanel vending machines (obsessed. There are no words. I must have one in my apartment.) and, along with corresponding lip colors, make up the entire Twin-Sets de Chanel collection. You might remember last year’s FNO collection: the Les Denim de Chanel or the year before that’s Les Khakis de Chanel.

{Chanel 2011 FNO collection}

{Chanel 2010 FNO collection}

The burnt orange Délicatesse from this new collection reminds me of making pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving while Provocation will probably be my new go-to for fingernails in the next few weeks. I really have no idea when my happiness started becoming dependent on Chanel’s new releases. What I’m dying for is the upcoming Christmas collection (my darling friends from the fashion house have given me a sneak peek at a few things)!

Stay purring..



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