Brunello & Burberry

{driving loafers and leather sneakers, both by Brunello Cucinelli}

About a week ago I decided to venture into Brunello Cucinelli to look at some cashmere that might come in handy in New Hampshire and was forever changed by the Italian designer’s amazing shoes. I came out with the softest pair of suede loathers that completely put my current love for Tod’s to shame and managed to score  some gorgeous and totally retro sneakers with dove grey ribbons for laces.

So far, I haven’t worn any of my old shoes and both pairs were the perfect addition to my budding fall wardrobe. My new Alice & Olivia leather leggings are on their way to being the best purchase of the season and I’m hoping to pair them with a tartan blazer I spotted in Theory and my other new pair of shoes: cropped Burberry boots.

{I’m in love with the wraparound buckle and rugged feel of them}

I’ve had my eye on cropped boots for a while since being in the city this summer. I spotted a model presumably on her way to a casting and fell in love with her loose denim shirt/black leggings/black desert boots look and immediately wanted to copy the style for myself. The denim shirt is still in the works since I’m ridiculously picky about the size, fit and shape of any structured shirt I wear but I’m hoping to find something from J.Crew or Madewell in the next few weeks before C.F and I head to New Hampshire and Boston for fall break.

Next up on the list of things to purchase for fall? A cranberry Burberry peplum peacoat that needs to be on my body circa now. The seasons better start changing soon since I’m growing rather bored of wishing for rainy days and despising beach weather. I’ve got two manicured fingers crossed for a freak snowstorm to hit my school.

Stay purring..


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