Grey Days

{Wellington boots by Hunter}

It’s raining here in New York again, which always means spending the day inside catching up on all the magazines I have collected, wrapping myself in cashmere and pretending it’s December already, devouring a box of the new flavors of macaroons from Ladurée (and pretending I didn’t), donning my Barbour coat and thinking I’m in the wilds of Cornwall, contemplating painting my nails with Vertigo, Chanel’s new F/W 12 polish, (and then painting them with Ballerina because I’m woefully dull when it comes to nail colors) and then ho-humming for a few hours as to whether or not I should venture outside and walk the 12 blocks to Rockefeller center to go see a preview of the fall collection at J.Crew.

Inevitably I will receive a call from work saying they desperately need me to come in while I’m in the mist of ordering a salted caramel macaroon and I will have to save this impromptu to-do list for another stormy day.


Stay purring..


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