Steady Health


{all workout clothes by Lululemon}

We all know that with the start of summer comes the start of the panic to be ready for that teeny-tiny Calypso bikini. My personal (and sometimes all too infrequent) workout is a combination of long-distance running and following the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s agent workout (it will kill you, embrace it). However, sometimes it’s run to mix it up and it’s amazing to see what your body can accomplish when pushed to its limits. I found these fabulous exercise videos on YouTube that I wanted to share with all you kittens. This summer I’ve been experimenting with a juice cleanse which has been sufficiently effective but when you want to build strength, liquified bananas can only do so much. These videos give great examples for working on abs and the exercises are guaranteed to leave your whole body gloriously sore but fit, trim and ready for a July spent in the Hamptons.

Abdominal Muscles Exercise

Lower Abdominal Muscles Exercise

Side Abdominal Muscles Exercise

Side Jackknife Exercise

Leg Circles Exercise

Stay purring and stay slender!


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