{Rolex Submariner}

There is something decidedly chic about men’s timepieces. After my dear friend D.B., a graphic designer at Cartier, introduced me to the wonderfully Mad Men-esque world of masculine watches, I immediately was on the hunt to find a perfect accompanying piece to my more feminine watches like my Cartier Tank Française. Perhaps the allure is the carbon and titanium watch faces, reminiscent of a really fabulous car, or maybe it’s the substantial weight of them…but whatever it is, I’m obsessed. This watch by Michael Kors is at the top of my list as well as a vintage Rolex Oyster Air King I spotted in a small store on Madison Avenue after strolling from work. Here are a few of my favorite inspiring images of perfect and powerful timepieces that will hopefully also inspire all you kittens to jump on the little red wagon with me and find a men’s watch!

{perhaps the most amazing collection in the world}

{Nixon for Barney’s wonderfully patriotic watch bands}

{merci beaucoup D.B.}

{the rich blue of this watch reminds of an endless ocean that I could just get absolutely lost in}

{4th of July themed watches by Rolex}

{the modern man and his vintage watch}

Stay purring..


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