The Art of the Train

There’s something to be said about a really great flowing train: it’s always fabulous, it’s always fierce and it’s always guaranteed to be fun. After discovering the trailing talents of my neon fishtail skirt, all my little seersucker minis and preppy Ralph Lauren cargos took a back seat. It just didn’t feel sexy enough to not be sweeping Manhattan’s sidewalks as I pounded down Madison on my way to Celine.

So in true form, I created a little collection of image inspiration so that when I dare to shop again, I’ll know exactly what I’m looking for. In the wee hours of a busy Tuesday night, I came across this website that sold great dresses and skirts that had everything I was looking for in the art of the trailing.

{all images via Tumblr}

{Cara Delevingne is a green goddess in this one, I’m a little obsessed}



{my absolute favorite image…it kind of inspires me to change my aspirational profession to “mermaid”}

{my trailing Rachel Zoe dress at Delta Zeta Formal 2012}

Stay purring..


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