Apartment Inspiration

{my actual dream apartment in New York}

Today C.F. and I officially became the new tenants for our gorgeous little apartment and tomorrow begins the tedious and tiring move-in process. I’ve been toiling over possible ideas for how to decorate my boudoir and en-suite bathroom so I decided to share my various inspirations with you kittens.


{I adore the simple elegance of this muted gray palette, especially the pops of green that make the whole room feel more fresh and alive. & I definitely need to find a large woven tote like that to transform into a useful place to store towels or other necessities}

{the atmosphere of this room is positively angelic! I definitely am considering erecting a canopy over my bed for that princess/privacy feeling}

{the ivory and pink tones of this bedroom are most surely on my list of color schemes to consider. It’s feminine without being overly girly in addition to being warm and inviting: the perfect location to retire to after a long day of classes and sorority shenanigans!}

{I was considering investing in a bed that offered storage spaces underneath but after seeing this rattan bed frame I’m going to have to do some reconsidering. It reminds me of something one would see in an old French country house…nothing wrong with that}

{one of my weird quirks is that I hate applying makeup at my bathroom counter or at any sort of table. I’m going to be scouring high and low for a mirror like this one so I can happily sit on the floor and spread out all my eyeshadow palettes and hair products in the morning}


{these gray tones just keep coming back to moi, which reminds me that I seriously need to make a trip to Restoration Hardware}

{I love the idea of keeping all my cosmetic products together on a mirrored tray, along with a picture frame and some flowers to brighten everything up}

{when I first saw this image, all I could think about was how I wish I could keep my bathroom counter that sparse and organized looking: just the bare essentials out! I definitely will be investing in some organizers for my drawers so that I maximize my counter space!}

Stay purring..


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