Morning Yummies

This past week has been incredibly busy/scandalous (synonymous for most sorority girls) and the one thing that has been keeping me going is the fact that C.F. and I will be moving into our new apartment on May 1st! It’s a gorgeous little oasis that is sure to become our haven away from home and we have already been spending hours together compiling Pinterest inspirations and browsing online.

Being the total girly-girls we are (and with C.F being the legendary chef she is – Honey I’m home!) I anticipate a lot of Sundays spent in bed indulging on pain au chocolat, fresh fruit and yummy yogurt.

{images via Tumblr}

In other news…we all know about the word Monopoly. We played the game when we were little (and consequently cried after owing our paper life savings to that betch with all the hotels) and we learned about the business side to monopolies in Econ 201 our freshman year. But I’m talking about an entirely different type of monopoly: our closets.

You know that feeling when you’re browsing through a store and think “I should replace my old closet with all this new stuff”? Welcome to my life, darling. I’ve been doing a short inventory of my closet (re: 3-4 hours) and I realized that this summer I’m going to be pulling a total monopoly: I’m slowly replacing/replenishing all my exercise clothes with Lulu Lemon gear and lingerie with Cosabella, VPL, & Commandos.

It’s going to be a summer overhaul and I for one cannot wait.
Stay purring..


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