Rustic Delectables

{I plan to consume as much crusty French bread and smooth goat’s cheese as I desire and still look amazing in my new sailor-striped Calypso St. Barths bikini}

Here are a few of my favorite photos that make the possibility of living in the country that much more appealing (at least for now). This summer is going to be about trying new recipes, eating clean, training mean and having a wildly wonderful time with C.F. in Southampton. I would almost feel guilty about having so much fun except for the fact that this semester has been stunningly insane and I need to blow off major steam.

{there is something about picnic-like foods that make everything more appealing. I am definitely that girl who will spend all morning making open-faced sandwiches and cutting up perfect slices of salami and sun-dried tomatoes just to sit outside and bask in the warm sunshine while munching away}

Also, thank you to everything who read “White in the Wind” yesterday! It earned me my highest amount of views since I started this blog!

Stay purring..


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