Vogue’s “Best of Fashion Week Street Style”

{this Prada coat is magnificent in my opinion. The color, the detailing…all of it. I’m particularly fond of the contrasting dove grey collar and deep magenta of the rest of the coat.}

Today I thought I would share some photos from Vogue’s “Best of Fashion of Week Street Style” that I found particularly interesting and beautiful. You know moi, I’m all about visual wonderfulness and some of these outfits hit the nail right on the Louboutin sole.

{Celine. Die. The usual.}

{normally I’m not one for wearing and accessorizing all one color (I had a nasty experience at a young age when I realized I looked like an asparagus in my green-dress-and-tights fail) but this coat and Celine (!) bag are fabulous together and the cheerful pink only makes it better}

{everything is working in this outfit. The insanely cool hat and brocade shirt are just magical in my opinion}

{green goddess chic? Only with Prada. At first I was a little eh at this outfit but the more I look at it the more I like it. Why not jump on the eco-wagon and dress the part?}

{seersucker? check. Monogram? check. Balenciaga purse? check, check! J’adore}

{all images via Vogue.com}

Stay purring..


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