Sugar & Spice

And everything nice!

Bonjour my darlings!

Valentine’s Day is up and coming and in honor of the fabulous single girl life, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite chic treats that make the day all the more merrier.

In honor of February 14th our favorite French macaroon suppliers, Ladurée, is offering a limited-edition gorgeous little box of goodies! The macaroons are grapefruit flavored and will be unveiled starting February 10th so get your Louboutins to Madison Ave tout de suite! Being an avid fan of the pastry house myself, I have collected their beautiful boxes over the years to the point that it might be a little excessive.

{image via Pinterest}

{image via Bananappeal}

Bananappeal has become my new obsession (right after everything French of course) and I am simply bursting with excitement in anticipation for their unveiling at Williams-Sonoma on March 15th. So what is Bananappeal? They are all-natural, absolutely delicious, banana-based desserts that are baked and sold in adorable little Mason jars that remind me of the old Southern lifestyle. So either tap those claws over to your computer and order online or skidaddle  to one of their retailers to snag a few jars of yummies like Banana Chocolate Fudge or Banana Toasted Coconut!

Stay purring…


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