Dorm Decoration

Greetings, my darlings!

Since returning back to school, I got to thinking about dorm room decorating. It can be très ennuyeux, my kittens. Believe me, I know: the furniture is abysmal, the walls are depressing and your view of the faculty parking lot isn’t exactly Central Park. But last semester, after receiving an overwhelming and very much appreciated amount of compliments on how I had decided to decorate the room, I decided to share my secrets.

Wall space! It’s vital! A few personal touches can make a huge difference between staring at chickpea-colored walls (merci beaucoup mais non) and admiring colorful photos and artwork. After receiving this photo of Audrey Hepburn, which was an original still from one of her movies, for Christmas, I immediately decided it had to go with me back to college. Just because it’s college, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring nice stuff with you, right?

I’m an avid collector of vintage magazine posters so this Monte Carlo one fit right at home. Just make sure not to go overboard on things. You don’t want pictures creeping all the way up to the ceiling! Not only will be a betch to rescue at the end of the year but no one is actually going to walk in and crane their neck to look at the pictures surrounding your air conditioning unit. Keep it at eye-level, darlings.

I bought this mirrored tray God knows where but it instantly brightened up my ugly bureau. It also served as a handy place to put all my cosmetics for the day, within easy reach of my bed. I also put all my jewelry in little pots so nothing goes astray and it keeps clutter to a minimum. Dorm rooms are frequently dank little caves so you want to keep free space at a maximum.

Of course I brought my hoarding habits to college with me but the pretty stacked boxes make for a nice little decoration on what would actually be kind of a hideous white shelf. It’s a give and take at this point.

Stay purring…


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