{shirt by Stella McCartney; pants by Alice & Olivia; shoes by Saks Fifth Avenue; sunglasses by Celine; bag by Chanel; necklaces by Van Cleef & Arpels}

I’ve been told by a few men in my life that the sexiest thing a woman can own is a little black dress and a white men’s shirt. Inspired by the tuxedo look that has graced the runways and red carpets for years, I went with the latter look and dressed down my Stella McCartney with dark pants and small kitten heels. Since I’ve been obsessed with Spring since December 26th, I grabbed my pastel Chanel jumbo that has pretty panels in all different color silks. The look was perhaps a little androgynous but the skinny pants and heels feminized it a little for my taste.

{I love the rounded edges of the shirt; it’s a small detail that makes a big difference}

{the best way to keep a bag’s shape (especially one as delicious as this bag} is to crumple loads of tissue paper and keep it stuffed while in storage. Always use the dust bag as well, it helps to prevent the material of the bag from fading in the sunlight and from stains}

I would also like to wish everyone all the best at Milan Fashion Week next week!

Until next time my kittens,

Stay purring….


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