Got Mail?

I love getting mail. Always have, probably always will. Maybe it’s because the technology wave has eradicated the need for old-fashioned mail or I’m feeling nostalgic but there really is no greater feeling than getting a visit from the postman or receiving a notification indicating a package has arrived.

Today, I had two lovely surprises in the mail. And as I always say, there is no greater gift than one that comes in an orange box.

The long awaited arrival of the Hermès Avalon blanket made me wistful for Winter to return and the joys of curling up by the fire with the newest issue of Vogue or a glass of wine with girlfriends.

Sadly, it’s going to have to remain dormant until next Christmas rolls around.

{watch by Cartier; bracelet by Hermès}

The remaining package was a black and silver Hermès Berenice bracelet which is a lot like the Kelly Dog (previously seen in It’s a Dog Love Dog World) except for the interesting clasp that requires you to squeeze the two ends together until it pops apart. Interesting and highly innovative.

{sunglasses by Chanel and Ray-Ban; necklace by Southsea Pearls}

I was also able to add another box to my collection I put together when I started my Spring cleaning episode. My deliciously huge box now sits beneath my beloved French Cat book and will most likely end up as a good storage unit for old magazines that I’m afraid to part with.

Ta-ta for now.

Stay purring..


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