Spring Cleaning

Happy Tuesday, mes amis.


{an unorganized mess of shopping bags and one très lethargic chat named Oreo}

{my first bedside table was a clutter of DVDs, magazines, books and jewelry that needed to find a home}

I mentioned in an earlier post that I always spring clean on New Years Day, so I’m going to share with you my transformation. I’m am avid collector of Allure and Vogue Paris and I think I had managed to hoard about fifty issues between the two fashion magazines which is un peu fou, even pour moi. I trashed those in the hope of creating a clean, sleek, organized look for my bedside tables and also managed to part with a few boxes (quelle horreur!) in order to preserve some more space.

Voila, kittens.


{if you’re like me and seem to collect frivolous items such as magazines, invest in some nice boxes (I collect Smithson of Bond Street and Hermès ones) to store them away}

{I put my favorite bags on display for easy access}

Now hopefully that will encourage you all to embrace spring cleaning and throw away the unnecessary items from 2011.

Ta-ta for now.

Stay purring..


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