Bring It On 2012

Greetings little ones.

2011 has officially been one of the best years ever and I anticipate 2012 to be even better. This summer was magical and I spent it exploring the Hamptons, shopping in the city and, letting loose my spontaneous side. This semester at school was truly fabulous with glittering parties, sorority shenanigans, C.F. and I getting up to our tricks as per usual, welcoming little A.J.S. and enrolling in some of the best classes I have ever taken. I am so thankful for all the wonderful memories and I’m sliding into my Louboutins in preparation to make more scandalous memories.

So what will moi be doing to ring in the New Year?

The night of the 31st….well, my darlings, I’ll leave that unplanned because who knows what will go down?

{Cliquot is the way to go}

The day of the 1st, I always spring clean. Always. I store away Chanel’s fall collection, I bring out my white linen Theory dresses and Kelly bag and flex my toes in readiness for St. Barths for Spring Break.

{Vogue + Kelly bag = vogueology}

Hope your New Years is as sparkling as mine is going to be. Kisses for 2012.

Stay purring.



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