Simply Selva

Last night I was invited to dine at The Selva Grill downtown and after the first bite of my Wild Ceviche, I was hooked. It is officially my new favorite restaurant for the gorgeous yummy mojitos, champagne, fusion dishes and nightclub atmosphere.

For my appetizer I ordered white fish ceviche with a soy mustard reduction that was simply divine. I most likely could have ordered two (or six or seven) more servings of it.

If there is ahi tuna on the menu of any restaurant, I will order it. No questions asked. Luckily enough, they had it on the menu, served with a caramelized  salad of red peppers and onions and decorated with plantains. Hands down my favorite new dish. The chef sent a complimentary dish of crab cakes as well and honestly, I could have again eaten like twelve more.

So gorgeous, so simple and SO Selva.

Ta-ta kittens.

Stay purring…


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