Lazy Days

I’ve developed the unhealthy habit over the years of being completely impatient with the changing of seasons . When it’s summer and the fall collections hit the runways I could care less about endless days poolside with San Ambrose melon gelato in hand and when it’s Christmastime, all I want to do is run away to St Barths and bury myself in a pile of silk Calypso dresses. That being said, le padre knows me too well, as was revealed during our belated Christmas celebration: Calypso, Calypso, Calypso.

I have to say I am totally obsessed with my new iPad too. I’ve figured out how to run Vogueology in its entirety just from a few strokes of my manicured claws, which means more goodies for all you kittens!

Please note the French Cat book, given to moi from a special someone who knows me entirely too well.

Ta-ta; I’m off to throw on my new batik bikini for a spa day with Mama Chat.

Stay purring..


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