Gimme an H

Happy Friday, kittens!

I’ve been acting particularly melancholy recently, but after returning home from staying with some girlfriends, I was greeted with a small orange box wrapped with a brown ribbon…and we all know that good things always come in orange boxes.

{image via Pinterest}

So, naturally, I open it and inside is the most beautiful sterling silver Collier de Chien Hermès bracelet. I’ve been asked on multiple occasions when wearing a few of them whether I’m into S&M or not which always makes me laugh. Of course I’m not but why not have a little flirtation with danger? Kudos to those of you who are.

{orange leather, bougainvillea crocodile, and sterling silver Collier de Chiens all by Hermès}

Anywizzle, in the wake of my fritzy mood, I decided to compile a few photos of my favorite Hermès collections. I’m pleased to have a new one to add to the collection.

{all H bracelets by Hermès}

Stay purring my lovelies


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