Wednesday Frosting

Salut to all my wonderful kittens out there!

Yesterday while out with my best girlfriend, C.F, we stumbled across an out-of-the-way cupcakery: Blue Bird Bake Shop. I am dubious of most baked goods because, in my wise opinion, nothing holds a candle to the macaroons at Ladurée in Paris and I am definitely not a fan of sweet frosting or icing. However, these cupcakes were moist enough to hold some weight without being crumbly and the icing wasn’t too sickly sweet or sugary.

{Red Velvet & the Sweet Cake were put to the tasting challenge}

 I enjoyed a Red Velvet cupcake while C.F nabbed the last Sweet Cake and after sampling some of hers, I concluded that both were deliciously out of this world. Other cupcake flavors included Apricot Ginger, Candy Cane, Vanilla Black Pepper and the Banana Remix (which I am dying to get my claws on next time).

The atmosphere was sophisticated and airy, the perfect location to enjoy a sugary snack and a coffee and catch up on all the latest gossip with friends. Definitely a win in my stacks of Vogue.

Stay purring little ones..


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