Harmonie de Printemps

There is something about Chanel that is just so classic. Beautiful tweeds, luxurious silks, sparkling jewels – the whole package just screams gorgeous! Their 2012 runway show was everything and more and I just wish I had been there to see it in person like le beau who just so casually shrugged at his invitation.

{Chanel S/S 12}

{Pearls are given a breath of fresh air in their unconventional use – I’ve been searching for backless dresses recently in hopes of recreating this look in addition to looking for pearl bobby pins to slick into wet hair; Chanel S/S 12}

{Chanel S/S 12 Harmonie de Printemps polishes: April, May, June}

Their new spring cosmetic collection, Harmonie de Printemps, is absolutely divine and I am certainly purring with contentment and anticipation at trying the new shadows and polishes. I think the colors are fresh and vibrant – something we all desire after coming out of a long, bitter winter, right? J’adore the pastel tangerine of their June polish and I think April is going to be my go-to red for my toes. Is it bad that Christmas hasn’t even arrived yet and already my mind is consumed with images of my girlfriends and I lolling on a beach in France somewhere for the summer?

{now this I am dying over; perfect for toting around to the Southampton Social Club or 1 Oak}

{I am rarely known to use the word luminous, but here you have it kittens: this look is luminous! It glows! I’m ob-Chanel-sessed!}

Stay Vogue my darlings & stay classy!

As always, stay purring..


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