Little Wonders

Good evening kittens!

{an 18th Century Parisian chandelier is the centerpiece in my dining room and draws an amazing view}

I am free officially of any academic burdens as of now and I cannot tell you how delicious it feels to sink my toes into a velvety bath mat after a scrumptious bubble bath and wander aimlessly through cavernous hallways without a care in the world. While I’m way too polite and virginal to tell you some more of my fave past times, I do want to share with you a recently developed love: decorating.

{Mama Chat found this blood orange and sky blue Marano glass chandelier while vacationing in Italy}

After receiving numerous compliments on my boudoir at college from my sparkling sorority sisters, it inspired me to share with you kittens some little decorating wonders in my own home. These are a few delicate little niches that I am particularly proud of.

{this table of trinkets in the entranceway to my little palace is probably one of my prettiest views. I absolutely adore displaying little boxes and my Hermès ashtrays and the coral pieces lend a slight beachy aura to an otherwise vintage French themed area}

Sit back, sip that chilled Dom and file those claws!

Ever since I was a petite chat, I have enjoyed putting together end tables. My college room is the same way with mirrored trays housing glass perfume bottles and jewelry boxes. I loved the color of these flowers so much and they put me in such a Christmas-y mood that I was immediately drawn to the warm candles too. The juxtaposing of the sky blue lamp and the rich burgundy of the roses always make me smile.

As my sisters, girlfriends and beau know, I am an avid collector of fashion books and I believe they should be displayed with the utmost gusto. A vintage crown and my great-grandmothers favorite trinkets add a little bit of familiarity and off-kilter beauty.

Don’t miss me too much, kittens. I promise I’ll be back with some holiday mischief soon.

Until next time; stay purring…


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