It’s In The Bag

Bonjour, kittens!

I hope you’re feeling revitalized and refreshed on this lovely morning.

{I am dying over this delicious saffron Celine bag – the color is perfect for a cool pop of citrus in the winter paired with a chic black blazer, skinny cropped white pants and classic black flats; image via Pinterest}

Recently after reading Virginia Woolf’s “A Room Of One’s Own” for one of my media classes, it caused me to start thinking about women’s purses. I’m sure we all think about what we put in our rooms, but do we think about what we put in our purses? What do we carry around all day and what personal little yummies do we deem important enough to pocket?

{I imagine if one curious kitty decided to take a peek in my purse, they might find a Toblerone bar sitting in the bottom of it; image via Pinterest}

{I’ve been simultaneously lusting over this limited-edition Hermès Kelly that was given out at a fashion show of theirs a few years ago and hounding the beau to seek one out while on his travels to Paris and Tokyo. That being said, I adore how everything looks so clean and organized through the transparency of the bag.}

What’s in my own bag? My planner to write all important dates from papers due to lunches with girlfriends; a trusty wallet and coin purse to hold Madame C.C. (that’s Mrs Credit Card in case you didn’t know); compacts and lipstick for touch-ups throughout the day, moisturizer for those unbearable brisk nights; a hairbrush – standard; sunglasses; By Terry Le Rose lip balm – it will save your lips during the winter, I suggest you invest in some; Ice Breakers, I practically live off of them during the day when I don’t have time for lunch; a small clutch just in case I have to make a quick change from day-to-night without stopping by my place; a scarf to dress anything up and perfume for a quick refresher between classes.

{bag by Balenciaga; planner by Kate Spade; clutch by Barneys New York; compacts and lipstick by Chanel; lip calm by By Terry (available at Barneys for Bergdorf Goodman or online); sunglasses by Chanel; wallets by Louis Vuitton; moisturizer by Bliss; hairbrush by Valentino; scarf by Alexander McQueen}

Stay purring..


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