The Classicists

Oh kittens, thank you for staying loyal to Vogueology despite me being absolutely terrible about updating!

Finals week is the equivalent of realizing you left your phone on a table at Balzac over a week ago: you stress, you lose sleep and you feel completely out of touch with everything. In lieu of that, I give you some beautiful things to admire. Hopefully it will calm all of your internal storms.

I believe there is something so timeless and classic about a gorgeous black and white photo. Perhaps it’s the beauty in the contrasting colors or maybe it’s how sleek and clean the outcome is. Nevertheless, I have started to collect some of my favorite pictures that exemplify these qualities.

{When I meant gorgeous I really meant gorgeous Jon Hamm}

{The original classic style icon. A little anecdote for you: the day Mama Chat found out she was having me, she met Audrey Hepburn while in Ralph Lauren in New York…I enjoy telling people I was technically in the presence of such a legend}

{I think this photo exudes pure glamour. Now if only I can replicate this with my own beau}

{I definitely do not mind staring at this for extended periods of time…so sue me, I’ll look cute in jail}

Well darlings, I’m off to dreamland. After Finals Week is over, and I’ve spent copious amounts of time at the spa, I will return to doing more exciting posts. Pinky swear.

Stay fabulous.

Stay Vogue.

Stay purring..


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