Places & Spaces

Bonjour, kittens.

My super glam friends and deliriously beautiful sorority sisters all know how obsessed I am with Pinterest and after an intense pinning sesh, following my beau’s new found love for the site, I decided to compile a list of my absolutely favorite places and spaces.

{Following my previous post on His & Hers, this gorgeous shelf of goodies immediately made me want to return home and redecorate my bathroom}

{This amazing blue color reminds me of something Marie Antoinette might love for her own boudoir}

{I love the clean, sleek look of this office. The color palette would relax me at once}

{If I could replicate this in my bedroom, I would definitely be one happy kitten}

{Hopefully I can convince my significant other to live in a house like this in the future – though I’m sure the answer will be “what’s wrong with my apartment?”}

{all images via my Pinterest}

Well my kittens I hope you enjoyed lusting after these amazing places and spaces as much as I did. If I could guarantee a dream taking place in one of these rooms or houses I don’t think any bad dreams would occur.

Stay purring; until next time..


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