Beauty, Brains & Business

Greetings, kittens!

{image via Twitter; @morgancurtiss}

This particularly wintry day was so unpleasant that I immediately jetted over to my campus cafe and bought a large caramel hot chocolate for lunch. It was there that I came across this fantastical idea known as the Birchbox. My wonderful freshman roommate had tweeted about it earlier that day and with a curious nose like mine, I just had to delve right in.

So what is it? The Birchbox  is a beautiful little container  filled with 4-5 deluxe beauty samples that is delivered to your door monthly for only $10 per month. The samples can range from high-end luxury cosmetic brands such as Nars or Kerastase Paris to cheap chic thrills (which really are the best, admit it.)

What is so wonderful about this service is that the products are samples! So simple, right? If you don’t like the product or want to try something new just for kicks & giggs then the Birchbox is perfect for you. I myself am an avid collector of samples and love to collect pretty boxes to display around my house so I am highly anticipating the arrival of my very own Birchbox.

Go to to sign up!

Stay dry, stay warm and as always, stay purring..

Until next time, kittens..


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