In, Inner..Out, Outer

Bon soir on this lovely evening, kittens.

Like I promised on Thanksgiving morning, I would be scanning my small empire of glossies for mentions of the latest trends in the fashion world. So what’s Vogue right now? Sit back, click up your Miu Miu glitter booties and sip that chilled sazerac cocktail as you relax and prepare for the New Year.

1. In: Bold Bangles; Out: Mismatching Stacks

{all bangles by Hermès for S/S 12}

2. In: Sleek Envelopes; Out: Over-the-top Clutches

{image via Pinterest}

3. In: Statement Flourishes; Out: Heavily sequined looks

{shorts by Balmain for S/S 12}

4. In: Minimalist Heels; Out: Chunky Wedges

{shoes by Yves Saint Laurent for S/S 12}

5. In: Demure Shine; Out: Blatant Bling

I for one cannot wait to sink my manicured claws into the spring collections at Fashion Week in New York.

Until then, I’ll be purring contentedly.

Ta-ta, kittens..


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