The Aftermath

Ooh la la do I have a couple of jewels for you, my kittens!

{lipstick-stained glasses were a frequent party favor that guests seemed to depart with}

Thanksgiving is always a luxurious  affair in my household..turkey is poised on the end of silver forks, we scoop les pommes de terre au fromage bleu from Hermès plates and sip wine from Baccarat goblets. This year was particularly  mischievous with the addition of a few bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Brits from across the sparkling pond, a champagne-fueled call from a certain green-eyed Danish beau, four bottles of rosé and a poor distressed Ralph Lauren Collection dream that got caught in the crossfire of Old South stuffing and a gold gravy boat.

The gray boat survived. I went clinical.

The usual.

{Hermès Twilly used to tie my hair back during dinner}

Inevitably, I ended up flitting between my back-up outfits and the night ended solidly with my camouflage Prada heels still intact. Unfortunately, a few other kitten’s egos were a little on the Fritz but who am I to worry?

{Prada heels; Chanel Rouge Carat polish}

WASPy families are notorious for scandalous holidays and we, my kittens, are no different.

Ta-ta until tomorrow.

Stay purring..


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