The Lanvin, The Bitch & The Wardrobe

Surprised to hear from me so soon, kittens?

Well I just couldn’t keep this jewel of a post secret until morning! {Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra yellow gold and white mother of pearl butterfly pendant; Lanvin Scarab necklace; Lanvin lapis and pearl necklace; Lanvin pearl necklace (worn as belt); all bags by Chanel; Theory dress; Chanel Peridot nail polish}

I have the pleasure of calling one of the greatest fashion kittens of all time “Mom” and one of my favorite memories of growing up in Europe was watching said kitten dress herself for a night on the town. The room always smelled of Hermès Rouge perfume and I longed to lock myself in her closet and surround myself with luxurious silks and furs, try on high heels and stomp around in a trailing Prada coat with my large plastic heart-shaped sunglasses perched on my ten-year-old nose.

Looking into her closet ten years later is eerily like stepping into the land of Narnia: clothes straight off the runway are mixed with vintage alligator clutches and tangled with classic staples that every woman needs in her wardrobe. I’ll admit, I still want to slide the closet doors closed and smother myself with Hermès Rouge but this time the heels fit and the Prada coat is swathed in plastic to keep it as fabulous as ever.

I’ll keep my plastic heart-shaped sunglasses though.

{Featured items: red Hermès Kelly bag; burgundy Celine satchel; Fendi top-handle purse}

{all scarves by Hermès, 90″ silk-twill}

{Featured items: brown Hermès Birkin bag; taupe Hermès Toolbox bag; white Ralph Lauren Ricky bag; blue Goyard St. Louis tote; mykonos Hermès Lindy purse; all furs by Adrienne Landau}

Keep those claws in check my kittens. I might share.

Purr in faith and love; until next time..


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