The Organizing Bug

Salutations, my kittens.

We all have that drawer in our house or dorm that seems to house all those things that really don’t deserve a dedicated space of their own: a.k.a the “junk drawer”. Organizing has always been my strong point and whilst summering in the Hampton’s I realized that it may not be everybody else’s – le beau‘s idea of organizing is keeping each pair of shoes in a separate space of the house (because really, you never know when you’re going to feel the compelling desire to wear your spiked Louboutin loafers whilst showering).

So here you have it: an example of organizing that works. 1.

Keeping shoes in front of your closet or along a wall will help to diminish your time racing around the apartment looking for them and serve as a nice little decoration to admire.


The before: here was my “junk drawer” before I decided to take the initiative and attempt to organize it.


The after: Note that all similar objects are placed together or near each other (e.g all my sunglasses border all electronic devices). While it may not serve as the best example, it can certainly help to get your toned behind started.

Stay purring; until next time my darlings..


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